Our solid shampoo bars give your hair gentle PH balanced cleansing. We use a mild coconut based foamer which is sulfate free and biodegradeable. We add organic cocoa butter,

oat silk (vegan), vitamin E and provitamin B5 for fantastic cleansing and conditioning properties.

We use turmeric for natural colour, and essential oil of Lemon for a naturally zesty and energising scent.



Sodium cocoyl isethionate (mild coconut foamer, sulfate free and biodegradeable), cocoa butter (theobroma cacao), oat silk (avena sativa extract), panthenol (provitaminB5) agar agar (gelidium amansii),
vitamin E (tocopherol), lemon oil (citrus limon), turmeric (curcuma longa)-natural colour, COSMOS and ECOCERT approved preservative.

All vegan ingredients.

Shampoo Bar - Lemon

SKU: 60g